Quality Assurance

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未命名_副本.jpgpfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 To begin from the raw material,we built GAP base of green Chinese herbs and hawthorn base along the golden triangle of the yellow river region. Also, we persist in high standard, strict requirement and control from the  first level. pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 核能辐射基地_副本.jpgpfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 We established a unique nuclear radiation research center in Chinese pharmaceutical industry and have realized NPT sterilization to greatly maintain the activeingredients of the drugs.pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 科技中心1_副本.jpgpfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 We introduced advanced inspection facilities and establish a complete quality assurance system to assure the quality fundamentally.pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 未命名_副本.jpg pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】 We brought in high-tech and world-class facilities,  also adapted new crafts and techniques to form assembly lines of preparations and automatic packaging. Consequently, our series medicines  ofInstant  Effect have  more  reliable  quality  and  more  curative  effect.pfF齐乐娱乐_齐乐娱乐最新官网地址【点击进入】